For Business

System Repair: $50 labor (for most repairs)
We are a system repair service you can trust and we take the integrity and privacy of your data extremely seriously. Your systems will be in the hands of professionals from start to finish and we take measures to make sure your confidential business information stays confidential at every step of the process.

Network Setup: Starting at $100
We all know setting up a network can be confusing and frustrating. Save yourself the headache and let us assist. From finding the right hardware for your needs to getting every device connected, we are here every step of the way.

Data Recovery: Starting at $100
(free if recovery is not possible)
Even though we all know backup is ideal, sometimes unexpected circumstances come up, and we're here to help. We take the privacy of your data extremely seriously and your information is only handled by professionals. If temporary backup files are necessary for any reason they will be securely encrypted and never kept after your data is returned to you.

System administration: Starting at $50 per month
Tired of worrying about how to update your computers, install new software, make sure everything is running as it should? Let us take the weight off your shoulders! We have many options available that are easily tailored to your needs.

New Computer Optimization: $50 per device
Get in a new batch of laptops, tablets, or desktops? Get them going without unnecessary “Bloatware” slowing you down. We remove what you don't need and leave what you do to give you the best experience possible.

System Security Setup: $200
In this day and age everyone needs their data secure, and the needs keep growing. Making sure you have the latest antivirus is only the beginning. We will check for common problems in operating system setup, scan for known viruses and malware (and of course remove them), setup the security software, Install or update firewalls, and optimize everything to work at it's best.

Custom Business Systems:
Starting at $100 over parts
Every business is unique, and so are it's needs. Not only are custom made business machines often a better bang for your buck, they meet your needs exactly. They can be more secure, more reliable, and a better value than alternative options. Make sure your business has exactly what it needs.

Bitcoin and Altcoin Merchant Setup: $150
Ever consider accepting Bitcoin, or other Crypto currencies? We offer the information and services you need to understand this cutting edge technology that will draw in the business your competitors can't.
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